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Recurve+ strings are the ultimate balance between a soft-feeling string while maintaining a stable construction. Recurve+ strings are built with our patented RCX1200 material for optimal performance and shot feel. Each Recurve+ string is made with our SenseTek Suppression Loops, featuring an all-new end loop design to quiet the string upon execution, protect limb tips, and improve the overall shot feel. Each custom string comes in the RCX1200 natural white with your choice of BCY Halo solid color end servings. Halo center serving comes standard on all Recurve+ strings in your choice to fit small/Beiter #1, large groove, or Beiter #2 nocks. If the Barebow Recurve+ string option is selected, Powergrip will be used for the center serving and will be elongated to match barebow regulations. Strand count is customizable on all custom Recurve+ strings in either 18, 20, or 22 strands. See guide below for a strand count selection guide:

  • Speed: equivalent to 16 strand diameter in 8125. Perfect for young archers or archers with lower poundage bows who are looking to maximize their speed.

  • Performance: equivalent to 18 strand diameter in 8125. This option will ensure that the archer can maximize their performance at the industry standard diameter for recurve strings.

  • Stability: equivalent to 20 strands in 8125. This is for archers who are looking to optimize both their performance and the overall string stability. (Brady Ellison’s choice)

** Note: This is a representation of string combinations and colors may vary in person. **
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