Bowstring Loops and Serving Transitions

With the crazy amount of string builders out there making strings and posting pretty Instagram pictures of their string loops, it is easy to get caught up in believing that these “beauty pageant” loops are an overall indicator of quality. But does appearance equal performance…? It is great to marvel at what seems to be perfection, but just how will they perform, when it counts?

At GAS Bowstrings, we always take a performance first approach and as such, we have a unique serving locking process for closing loops and creating the foundation for our end servings. This process, we call the quad-lock, provides four different locking elements and is an integral part of our TTS (Total Tensioning System) process. Although this process may not create the prettiest loop transitions, it does do several things that greatly enhances the stability and overall performance of your string. Through this unique construction process, the quad-lock tightens the end loop serving as we close the loop end. This reinforces the entire transition area making an incredibly stiff, rock-solid loop, that can withstand even the most brutal of cam posts. The quad-lock also locks the beginning of the end serving to guarantee no separation from the loop end, without an overly bulky transition that can mess with cam tracks where the string or cable comes off the post. The downside to this process is it makes creating the “perfect looking” loop transition basically impossible to achieve, but we will never sacrifice appearance over performance!

World champion archers and accomplished bowhunters choose GAS Bowstrings because they are Built for Performance. These professionals understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and stability in their bowstrings and refuse to settle for anything less. We know our loops aren’t ever going to win any “prettiest string loop” awards, but we aren’t even entering into that pageant. Our quad-lock process insures something much more important….. PERFORMANCE!!



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