Gas Bowstrings Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose GAS over my manufacturer's strings?

Manufacturer strings have been made by bow companies where the first and main priority is the production and performance of their bows. The strings come secondary. Our main priority and specialty are in making high-quality bowstrings! Not only are we made up of archers, but many of us have been working in the archery industry long before we started at GAS. We took years of R&D and testing to develop our own process of building strings; enough that we can stand behind our 1 Year Warranty against peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation for ultimate customer satisfaction! GAS Bowstrings are unmatched and unrivaled!

Can I customize my center serving to fit my nocks?

Yes, you may! When you are getting ready to order online, make sure to note which nocks you are using, and we will be able to match your center serving size for perfect nock fitment. If you are ordering through a dealer or over the phone with us, make sure to note your nock for the order and we will take care of the rest!

Which strings do you recommend for hunting?

Our High Octane and Ghost XV are perfect for hunters! The High-Octane sets are perfect for those who would like a set of strings to perfectly color match their bow. Our OD Green, Kiwi, Tan, and Buckskin are great solid color options, and we have several speckled camo-colored options as well! Our Ghost XV comes in a speckled camo perfect for color matching just about any camo color on the market with its Tan and Kiwi speckled string. The Ghost XV sets are also made of a special blend of low-wax BCY materials to help them be abrasion resistant, durable, and have higher longevity.

Should I fletch with a left or right helical?

In general, we recommend fletching left, but if you would like to fletch with a right helical, you will not see a drop in performance. The reason why we recommend a left helical is that we twist our strings clockwise. This twist causes the arrow to naturally spin to the left when it leaves the bow. This means, if you fletch with a left helical, then the vanes/feathers will further direct your arrow to spin left with its natural tendency. If you would like to fletch right, this is not a problem as your vanes/feathers have much more of an influence on your arrow than its natural rotation. This means that the vanes/feathers will take over and the arrow will spin right with no change in performance.

Can I customize my string/cable lengths?

You can absolutely customize your string and cable lengths to change your poundage, holding weight, and draw length! If you are interested in one of these options, you can talk to your local GAS dealer when you are ready to order! If you don’t have a local GAS Dealer and will be ordering through us, you can contact us at info@gasbowstrings.com and we will have a string tech help you out with your customizations!

What makes Freakshow strings special?

The Freakshow strings are special in that we partnered with Jesse Broadwater to create a set of strings with ultimate consistency and stability. They are made of 452X BCY ultra-low wax material to insure consistent performance. Furthermore, they are natural, so there are no color dyes present in the fibers to create inconsistencies. In addition to our Total Tensioning System, we use our FTS or Freakshow Thermal System for ultimate performance and stability.

How often should I wax my GAS Bowstrings?

Waxing of your GAS Bowstrings is important and a vital part of your string’s extended life. A very light, periodic waxing of your string and cables should become a habit, especially after getting them dirty, dusty, or wet. Pay special attention to the area around your peep sight, below the serving on the string (where it might contact your arm or loose clothes), and particularly on cable slide bows where the cables go through the slide. We recommend using GAS Wax or BCY X-Wax on all our strings and cables, including Freakshow strings. GAS Wax is available for purchase here.

What materials are my GAS Bowstrings made from?

Our High Octane Standard strings are constructed from 452X on the main string combined with a variety of BCY serving materials used to fit the specific application of your bow. For our High Octane Custom strings, you can choose 452X or X99 materials and your choice of approved serving materials in a variety of colors. Our Ghost XV strings are made of a special blend of BCY materials. The Freakshow strings are made of an ultra-low wax BCY 452X material and they only come in natural with clear servings.

Will my bow’s speed increase with a set of GAS Bowstrings?

Due to not knowing the exact specs that are currently on your bow, we can’t guarantee it, but in most cases, our strings tend to be slightly faster in an apples-to-apples comparison to other factory and aftermarket strings.

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