Carter and Pearce Take Titles at Redding

CLAY CITY, KY.- GAS Bowstrings is pleased to announce that Gaius Carter and Paige Pearce each won the Western Classic Trail Shoot and NFAA 3D Marked Championship Title in Men’s and Women’s Compound! Both champions either came close to or earned a national record. Carter scored a 1538 which was one point under the current national record. Pearce ended her weekend with a 1535, earning her the national record for the women’s championship division.

Unlike many competitions which test archers in a few different aspects of archery, Redding is dubbed one of the hardest competitions as it tests archers in every area of the sport. It tests the archer’s ability to aim by having targets to shoot at as close as 3 yards all the way out to a 101-yard Bigfoot. Bow mechanics are tested at this competition as there are sharp uphill and downhill shots as well as wind and other elements that archers will have to prepare for to be accurate. Finally, this competition tests the strength and stamina of the archer as they will have to hike through steep hills and valleys to get to their targets throughout the day. The landscape and weather can become very taxing over the total of three scoring days.

“Redding is challenging because you have to be at the top of your game for three days straight, and just as important, your sight marks have to stay consistent for all three days! For that reason, I choose to shoot GAS Bowstrings. I have to have confidence that when I time and tune my bow it will stay put, and my GAS strings give me that peace of mind!” – Paige Pearce

“In my process cam timing, draw length, and sight marks are critical. Once I get them set, I need to have 100% confidence they won’t change. These processes have allowed me to perform at the highest levels and it wouldn’t be possible without GAS strings.” -Gaius Carter

Other exciting highlights from the weekend were that in the senior men’s championship freestyle division, Rob Morgan took third with a total of a 1530! In team rounds, Stephan Hansen (with his teammate James Lutz) took silver in the men’s freestyle championship division. Kendall Woody and Keith Trail took the bronze in the senior men’s freestyle championship division!

Congratulations to everyone who made the podium, and we are pleased to see that GAS Bowstrings are consistently the choice of the champions!


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