GAS Bowstrings Archers Triumph at Foley ASA

Clay City, KY- The recently concluded Foley ASA 3D Archery Competition saw GAS Bowstrings shooters making impressive strides and clinching notable victories across various categories. Held from February 22 to February 25, the event showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition, with GAS Bowstrings athletes making their mark on the podium.

In the Women’s Known Pro category, Paige Pearce exhibited unparalleled skill, dominating the competition with a remarkable 44-up score, securing her place as the top seed. Close on her heels was Tanja Gellenthien, seeded second with a 34-up score. Katelyn Bordewell also secured a spot in the shoot-off by finishing fifth with a 22-up score. Despite the intense competition, Paige maintained her dominance, securing the first-place position, while Tanja claimed second, and Katelyn Bordewell secured fifth

In the Men’s Known Pro division, GAS Bowstrings was well represented by Aaron Shaw and Ace Coleman. Ace, seeded second, displayed exceptional skill, leading to a thrilling shoot-off for second place, which he clinched with an arrow closes to the center of the IBO ring. Aaron Shaw showcased his talent, securing a respectable fifth-place finish after the finals.

Sharon Wallace, competing in the Women’s Pro division, finished second in a tightly contested division where only a few points separated the top contenders. She ultimately secured her second-place finish amidst the challenging competition. Jack Wallace exhibited tenacity in the Men’s Open Pro division. Jack strove to raise his standing throughout the shoot-off, culminating in a hard-earned third-place finish.

In the Senior Known Pro division, Lynn Hoch, in his debut ASA appearance, took a second-place finish after the finals, highlighting his remarkable skill and adaptability in a new style of archery for himself. Harold Cogar, a newer addition to the GAS Bowstrings pro staff, showcased his talent by entering the shoot-offs seeded in second and defending that spot for a second-place finish overall.

Notable mention goes to Klayre Smith, who dominated the Youth Open Girls division with an outstanding score of 458, showcasing remarkable precision and consistency throughout the competition. On her Sunday score, Klayre scored a 236, missing only two twelves on her clean card.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all GAS Bowstrings shooters who achieved podium finishes at the Foley ASA. Their dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to excellence truly embody the spirit of our brand. We are immensely proud to see our athletes thriving on the range and representing GAS Bowstrings with distinction.


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