GAS Bowstrings Pro Spotlight – Gabby Schloesser

For this week’s Pro Spotlight, we interviewed, Gabby Schloesser! After just switching to GAS Bowstrings Recurve + strings, Gabby took second place at the Lancaster Archery Classic! Gabby is a world-renowned recurve archer who has achieved much during her career, with the biggest achievement being her mixed team silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics! At GAS Bowstrings we are excited that Gabby is joining the team, and we wish her much success this upcoming year, especially as she trains for the Paris Olympics!

What got you started in archery?

I started competing in 2006 nationally and in 2010 internationally.

Have you only shot compound, or have you shot other forms of archery?

I shoot both recurve and compound. Obviously, I shoot compound just for fun.

What is it like being a professional archer?

Being a professional archer is a dream come true, I enjoy competing and meeting people around the world!


Why did you decide to shoot GAS Bowstrings?

I decided to shoot GAS because of the products they offer and how good the product is. In addition, they are great people.

What shoots are you planning on attending this year?

I’m doing World Cups and some USAT tournaments.

What is one piece of advice you could give about archery?

Be patient and work hard.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of archery?

I love hiking and watching movies.

Bonus Gabby Questions!

The Olympics are coming up! What does this Olympic year look like for you and what are you doing to prepare?

I am currently training hard to prepare for the qualifying tournaments and of course the Games. The year is busy for me and my team, we have a busy agenda starting with the first World Cup in Shanghai and the European Championships.

What has been your most memorable moment in your archery career?

One of the most memorable moments in my career was qualifying for my second Olympic games and winning a medal at the European games which gave me a lot of confidence facing the Tokyo 2020 games.

We would like to thank Gabby for taking the time to do a quick pro spotlight interview on her professional archery career and shooting GAS Bowstrings! Congratulations on all that you have achieved, and we will be cheering you on!


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