GAS Bowstrings Release In-Stock, Blackout Series

New for 2023, GAS Bowstrings is launching its first line of in-stock ready-to-ship bowstrings! The High Octane Blackout Strings are perfect for archers needing a set quickly for a competition or hunt, their strings got damaged and they are needing a set immediately, or simply for an archer who would like to have a backup set for their bow. Blackout sets are available in over 150 popular bow models. Each Blackout set is a full set of High Octane GAS Bowstrings made of 452X BCY material with black strings, cables, and speed nocks. Powergrip center serving comes standard on all GAS Bowstrings. Our exclusive TTS (Total Tensioning System) results in superior string performance eliminating peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation. Each set is backed by our one-year warranty. If ordered before 2 pm EST, these sets are able to be shipped out the same day!

“The High Octane Blackout strings are perfect for this time of the year as many archers are starting to prepare for the fall hunting season!” said Destany Trent, sales manager. “Our order volume greatly increases from July-October, so having in-stock sets ready to ship for our customers will be a huge step for us to better serve customers and dealers during this time. Whether you are a dealer in a pinch for a set of strings, an archer who needs a replacement set fast, or you aren’t picky on colors and don’t want to wait for a custom set, our Blackout strings will have your back!”

Retail Price: $140


About GAS Bowstrings

GAS Bowstrings is a family-owned and operated company, located in Clay City, Ky. The GAS team is comprised of experienced string builders and professionals. We are committed to delivering the best bowstrings made while providing industry-leading customer service. For more information call us at (606) 612-5156 or visit us at

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