GAS Bowstrings Shooters Shine at Break the Barriers Open

CLAY CITY, KY- The BTB Open witnessed remarkable victories for GAS Bowstrings shooters, underscoring their talent and dedication on the archery field. Paige Pearce secured a commanding 1st-place finish, dominating her class with an impressive 11-point lead. Mark Rubio emerged victorious with a remarkable 35-point lead, showcasing his exceptional skill. Bella Otter clinched second place with an eight-point lead over the third-place contender.

The Break the Barriers Archer program, dedicated to providing inclusive archery opportunities, has played a pivotal role in fostering talent and promoting the sport. GAS Bowstrings is proud to be partnered with such an impactful organization, and we extend our gratitude for their commitment to empowering our veterans and archers of all abilities. Through their dedication, BTB continues to make archery accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, enriching lives and strengthening communities.

Congratulations to all GAS Bowstrings shooters for their outstanding performances at the Break the Barriers Open. Their success underscores our dedication to supporting and celebrating excellence in archery.


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