Jacob Slusarz Takes IBO National Triple Crown

CLAY CITY, KY- GAS Bowstrings is pleased to announce that Jacob Slusarz has won the IBO National Triple Crown! The IBO has been a staple in 3D and unknown archery. Podiuming at one of the Triple Crowns is an incredible achievement as targets are judged and both the targets and scoring rings vary in size. Qualifications are shot which then lead to a shoot-off to determine the top three finishers. In this way, being consistently at the top is a tough task.

Through the three competitions that have made up the Triple Crown, Jacob remained at the top! At the 1st Leg he finished with a strong 416 qualification score and after eliminations finished in third. At the 2nd Leg he totaled a 407 and after eliminations finished in second. Finally, at the 3rd Leg he shot a 417 which put him in second in qualifications, but after eliminations, he placed in 4th. With his consistency at the top, he won the National Triple Crown!

“It means a ton to me to win the Triple Crown. It was a goal of mine at the beginning of the season, and I thought about it all year and just kept working for it. I’ve shot IBOs since I was 11, so to achieve one of the highest awards in the organization is pretty exciting,” said Jacob Slusarz.

Jacob also commented on how his GAS Bowstrings performed through the IBO season. “My strings and cables have been as solid as a rock all year, with no movement whatsoever. With all the different weather conditions and temperatures we deal with, it’s pretty impressive to have strings hold up through it all. GAS Bowstrings are one of the most important pieces of my set up and they never let me down.”

From all of us here at GAS Bowstrings, we would like to wish Jacob Slusarz a huge congratulations! It has been wonderful seeing your success throughout the year and we are excited about what 2024 has in store for you!

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