New Product: GAS Bowstrings Recurve + Strings

New for 2024 GAS Bowstrings released the all-new Recurve + Bowstrings! Featuring the bowstring industry’s latest breakthrough in recurve material, these strings are unparalleled. 

After three years of extensive research and development with one of the world’s top recurve archers, Brady Ellison, GAS Bowstrings has released its Recurve + Bowstrings. Recurve + stands out amongst all other recurve strings as they are built specifically for recurve archers, rather than building a recurve string with the same process as a compound string. The process that GAS Bowstrings uses for these strings is called the R+TS system or Recurve + Tensioning System.

A part of this system is the industry’s newest breakthrough in bowstring material, RCX1200. This material is made by BCY and patented by GAS Bowstrings, so it can only be found in Recurve +. RCX1200 is made of a blend of SK75 and SK99 Dyneema to create the perfect balance between elasticity and stability without the worry of creep. RCX1200 only comes in its natural white color, so color dyes are not impeding its performance. This material is also thinner, allowing GAS to increase the strand count for added string stability.

Each set of Recurve + strings will have SenseTek Suppression Loops which are served with a soft material to ensure a soft shot feel while providing protection for limb tips. The end servings are not brought up to meet the end loops allowing for flexibility in the string, creating a softer and quieter shot by reducing limb slap.

Recurve + strings either come standard or can be customized. Customized Recurve + strings come in strand counts of Speed, Performance, or Stability. With Speed being 18 strands, Performance being 20 strands, and Stability being 22 strands. These strand counts are comparable to 8125 or FastFlight 16, 18, and 20 strand counts respectively. BCY Halo end servings can be color-customized to the archer’s preference. The Halo center serving can be customized for small groove or Beiter #1 nocks, large groove nocks, or Beiter #2 nocks (only for Speed and Performance options).

Standard Recurve + strings come with Black Halo end servings and a Black Halo center serving to fit small groove or Beiter #1 nocks. These strings come in the Performance strand count and the archer’s choice of standard string lengths.

Recurve + Bowstrings can be customized and used for barebow archery! Recurve + strings allow barebow archers the ability to easily string walk to any part of the center serving without the string tension changing. Recurve + strings can be customized for barebow archers with a long black Powergrip center serving that will match competition standards for the barebow division.

What’s more, archers just getting into the sport to Olympic level archers will all be able to feel the difference and take advantage of the engineering that went into Recurve + strings. In addition, each Recurve + string will come with a plastic tube, perfect for storing the string after use. When it comes down to a decision between Recurve + and another recurve bowstring, the answer is simple: Recurve +.


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