Not All Bowstrings Are Created Equal

Lately, there has been some buzz around new string materials and new string-building processes. One thing we can agree on is that not all bowstrings are created equal.

What sets GAS Bowstrings apart from the pack is our tested and proven string-building process which we call our TTS or Total Tensioning System. This system has taken years of R&D, a great depth of knowledge in the archery and bowstring industries, and many long nights to invent and create our own machines to build the most unrivaled strings on the market. This Total Tensioning System eliminates any peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation in our strings and we stand behind it with our one-year warranty.

In addition to our exclusive process, we have selected the highest quality string material on the market to build our strings- BCY 452X alongside our GAS Ghost XV strings which are a special blend of those high-quality BCY materials. BCY 452X has stood the test of time in the string industry as it has the best performance, consistency, and reliability.

The proof of our quality, reliability, and performance is in our podium-proven results. We have the absolute best archers from around the world shooting our bowstrings from compound to Olympic recurve, and barebow! Archers who are ranked top five or higher in their world rankings, archers who have broken just about every national and world record an archer could break, multiple-time Vegas Champions, legends, and historically unbeaten archers are competing with our strings!

Our main goal is to provide you with quality string sets that you can rely on no matter the competition, location, or the elements you may encounter. Whether you are a professional, an amateur, a hunter, or someone who shoots recreationally, GAS Bowstrings will have you covered. We are truly unrivaled.

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