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World Champion Archer, Jesse Broadwater has partnered with GAS Bowstrings to develop and produce a new Freakshow, signature line of Bowstrings.  Jesse brings over 20 years of string building experience to the table along with a unique and effective tensioning technique that creates incredible string stability.

All Freakshow Strings are built to Jesse’s specifications in BCY natural, ultra-low wax, 452x material, to maximize strand count while achieving the desired overall diameter. The higher strand count adds stability and overall strength to the string, while the ultra-low wax content allows the bundle to be more compact and eliminate any creep or stretch due to wax displacement.

Freakshow strings are only available in a single-color bundle of natural, to create the absolute consistency and stability.  Color, dye, and wax content can change from one color to the next affecting the consistency of the string.

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