High Octane Blackout Strings


Gear up for success with the latest High Octane Blackout Strings, now available for immediate shipping. Designed to meet the urgent needs of archers requiring quick replacements for competitions, hunts, or unforeseen string damage, the High Octane Blackout Strings deliver unrivaled performance and reliability when you need it most.

Crafted from premium 452X BCY material, each High Octane Blackout set is engineered to ensure optimal performance and durability. With black strings, cables, and speed nocks, these strings not only offer exceptional functionality but also add a sleek touch to your bow setup.

Featuring GAS Bowstrings' exclusive Total Tensioning System (TTS), the High Octane Blackout Strings guarantee superior performance by eliminating issues such as peep rotation, serving separation, and elongation. This innovative system ensures that your bow performs flawlessly, shot after shot, giving you the confidence to focus on your target without distractions.

Every High Octane Blackout set comes standard with Powergrip center serving, providing enhanced grip and stability for consistent shooting. Plus, with over 150 popular compound and crossbow models available, finding the perfect fit for your bow has never been easier.

Backed by GAS Bowstrings' one-year warranty, you can trust that your High Octane Blackout Strings are built to last and withstand the rigors of the archery season.

For archers seeking instant performance and reliability, the High Octane Blackout Strings are the ultimate solution. Don't let string issues derail your archery experience – upgrade to High Octane Blackout Strings by GAS Bowstrings today.

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × .25 × 15 in
Bow Make/Model

Mathews Chill, Mathews Chill R, Mathews Creed, Mathews Drenalin, Mathews DXT, Mathews Halon, Mathews Halon 32, Mathews Heli-M, Mathews Legacy, Mathews LX, Mathews Monster, Mathews Monster MR, Mathews No Cam HTR, Mathews Outback, Mathews Phase 4 29, Mathews V3X 29, Mathews Image, Mathews Phase 4 33, Mathews V3X 33, Mathews Reezen, Mathews Switchback, Mathews Switchback XT, Mathews Traverse, Mathews Triax, Mathews TX5, Mathews V3 27, Mathews V3 31, Mathews Vertix, Mathews VXR 28, Mathews VXR 31.5, Mathews Z7, Mathews Z7 Extreme, Mathews Lift 33, Mathews Lift 29.5, Hoyt Carbon Defiant 30 #3 Cam, Hoyt Charger #3 Cam, Hoyt Factor 30 #3 Cam, Hoyt Powermax #3 Cam, Hoyt Pro Defiant 30 #3 Cam, Hoyt Rampage XT #3 Cam, Hoyt RX1 #3 Cam, Hoyt RX3 #3 Cam, Hoyt RX4 Alpha #3 Cam, Hoyt RX4 Ultra #3 Cam, Hoyt RX5, Hoyt RX5 Ultra, Hoyt RX7, Hoyt RX7 Ultra, Hoyt RX8, Hoyt RX8 Ultra, Hoyt Torrex, Hoyt Torrex XT, Hoyt Ventum 30, Hoyt Ventum 33, Hoyt Ventum Pro 30, Hoyt Ventum Pro 33, Hoyt VTM 31, Hoyt VTM 34, Hoyt Alpha X 30, Hoyt Alpha X 33, Bowtech Assassin, Bowtech BTX 28, Bowtech BTX 31, Bowtech Carbon Icon, Bowtech Carbon One, Bowtech Carbon One X, Bowtech Carbon Zion, Bowtech CP 28, Bowtech CP 30, Bowtech Destroyer 350, Bowtech Experience, Bowtech Guardian (2020), Bowtech Insanity, Bowtech Insanity CPX, Bowtech Prodigy, Bowtech Realm, Bowtech Realm SR6, Bowtech Realm SS, Bowtech Realm X, Bowtech Reign 6/7, Bowtech Revolt, Bowtech Revolt X, Bowtech RPM 360, Bowtech Solution, Bowtech Solution SS, Bowtech SR 350, Bowtech SS 34, Bowtech SX 80, Bowtech Core SS, Bowtech Core SR, PSE Brute ATK, PSE Brute NXT, PSE Carbon Stealth Mach 1 EC, PSE Drive NXT, PSE Drive R, PSE Embark, PSE EVO EVL 32, PSE EVO EVL 34, PSE Levitate E2, PSE Levitate EC2, PSE Levitate S2, PSE Mach 34 E2, PSE Mach 34 EC2, PSE Mach 34 S2, PSE Mach 30 DS, PSE NTN, PSE Omen E2, PSE Omen E2, PSE Omen S2, PSE Stinger 3G, PSE Stinger Max, PSE Evolve 30 DS, PSE Evolve 33 DS, Fortis 30 EC, PSE Unite E2, PSE Mach 1 EC, PSE NXT 33 EC, PSE EVO XF 33 EC, Fortis 33 EC, PSE Omen EC, PSE EVO XF 33 E2, Fortis 33 E2, EVO XF 33 S2, Fortis 33 S2, PSE Stinger X, Stinger EXT, Elite Energy 35, Elite Enlist, Elite Energy 32, Elite Kure, Elite Synergy, Elite Basin, Elite Terrain, Elite Envision, Elite Impulse 31, Elite Carbon ERA, Elite Enkore, Elite Impulse 34, Elite Omnia, Elite Option 6/7, Elite Remedy, Elite Ritual 30, Elite Ritual 33, Elite Ritual 35, Elite Tempo, Elite Ethos, Elite Ember, Elite Impression, Elite Emerge, Elite Kairos, Prime Inline 1, Prime Inline 3, Prime Inline 5, Prime Revex 2, Prime Revex 4, Prime RVX 32, Prime RVX 34, Bear Attitude, Bear Authority, Bear Cruzer, Bear Cruzer G2, Bear Cruzer G3, Bear Legit, Bear Lights Out, Bear Rant, Bear Redemption, Bear Species, Bear Traxx, Diamond Alter, Diamond Carbon Cure, Diamond Deploy SB, Diamond Edge 320, Diamond Edge Max, Diamond Edge SB-1, Diamond Edge XT, Diamond Fugitive, Diamond Infinite 305, Diamond Infinite Edge, Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, Diamond Outlaw, Diamond Pro 320, Diamond Razors Edge, Darton Consequence, Darton Prelude 32, Darton Sequel 31, Sequel 33, Darton Veracity 35, Ravin R29, Ravin R10, Ravin R15, Ravin R20, Ravin R9, Ravin R29X, Ravin R10X, Ravin R26, Ravin R26X, Ravin R9X, Ravin R5X, Mission Ballistic, Mission Ballistic 2.0, Mission Craze, Mission Craze II, Mission Hammr, Mission Hype DT, Mission MXR, Mission Radik, Mission Riot, Mission Switch, Mission Venture, Blackout Distinct, Blackout Epic X2, Blackout Intrigue, Blackout Intrigue XS, Blackout NV 32, Blackout Pursuit

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