Successful Weekend For GAS at London ASA

Clay City, KY. – This past weekend at the ASA TRU Ball/Black Eagle Pro/Am in London, Kentucky, GAS shooters had a successful weekend as they took to the ranges! Kyle Douglas, Chance Beaubouef, Sharon Wallace, Paige Pearce, and Chris Hacker were among those who walked away with big victories!

Starting in the Women’s Pro division, Sharon Wallace qualified for the Pro Pressure Point Shootdown with a 198 just 4 points under the top seed. During her final arrow, all Sharon needed to win the competition was a 10, although her arrow went just high of the upper 12 for an 8 putting her in second place.

In the Women’s Known 50 division, it was a tight race for first place as Paige Pearce and the second-place competitor both shot 434s to end the weekend. Paige was able to come away with a first-place finish by totaling two more 12-rings than second place.

Chris Hacker made another move for his first win at an ASA event in the Men’s Open Pro division. He qualified for the Shootdown with a 422 which was just six points under the top seed. He maintained that six-point difference throughout the shootdown and into the final matches. Chris needed to shoot a 14 to have a chance at 1st place, but his arrow hit just below the 14 for an 8, to place second.

GAS Bowstrings had a great showing in the Known Pro division where Kyle Douglas and Chance Beaubouef qualified for the Shootdown! Kyle qualified first with an impressive 456 and Chance qualified third with just 6 points under Kyle for a 450. In the Shootdown, Chance finished with a 502 which was only 2 points away from making the final arrow shoot-off, securing him a third-place finish! Going into his final arrow, Kyle had already won the competition as the second-place shooter had hit a 10 tying him with Kyle’s 514, where Kyle still had him beat by bonus rings. Kyle decided to shoot his last arrow and end his weekend with a 14!

Finally, in GAS Shooter news, GAS Marketing Director Sara Sherman ended out her weekend well at the London ASA! She carded two 216s for a 432 total score to win her division by two points in Women’s Known 40!

Congratulations to everyone who made the podium this weekend in London and we are proud to be the chosen custom bowstrings manufacturer for so many archers! We hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and look forward to meeting back up with everyone at the Mathews Archery Pro/Am in Metropolis, Ill!

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