Team GAS Bowstrings Dominates Foley

CLAY CITY, KY– This past Friday marked the start of the ASA season at Foley, AL, and GAS Bowstrings shooters came to represent! Ten GAS shooters were able to make it into the finals. Almost every class was represented with at least one GAS shooter and GAS Bowstrings had a podium sweep in the new women’s known pro class!

In the known pro class, two GAS shooters made incredible victories over the weekend. James Lutz made ASA history by shooting the first-ever 60-up score in pro-class history! He went on to the shootdowns for the first time to finish in third place! Kyle Douglas took to the shootdown stage with confidence as he secured his 6th ASA first place and 11th ASA podium!

The open pro class was tight going into the shootdown, with one archer scoring 26 up and the other four archers, including Jacob Slusarz at 18 up for the weekend! In the shootdown, Slusarz shot two 12s and three 10s to put him third up to shoot his final arrow! Going into that shot, he was already four points below the next two competitors to shoot. This meant if he wanted to have a shot at second or first place, he needed to risk a 14. Jacob didn’t want to risk losing a podium finish however and shot a solid 10 to secure him third place!

The women’s open pro class at this ASA was an emotional one for Sharon Wallace as this past Friday was her birthday! She was able to celebrate with a seven-point lead going into the shootdown against her competitors! On her final arrow, Sharon just had to hit an 8 to take the win. She was able to work through her emotions and shoot that 8 to win first place for her birthday weekend!

Foley marked the first ever time that the ASA has had a women’s known pro and a senior known pro class! Our GAS Bowstrings shooters capitalized on this opportunity in women’s known pro with a full GAS podium sweep! Paige Pearce took the first-ever Women’s Open Pro Championship title. No one could touch her in the shootdown match as she came into the competition with a 42-up score which was 24 points higher than her next competitor! Madison Cox made her first pro debut at this competition with an impressive score of 18-up! She shot incredibly well for her first shootdown match, placing her in second for the weekend! Finally, Tanja Gellenthien finished out the weekend with an 18-up score to put her in the shootdown as well! Tanja ended up securing a third-place finish with a closest-to-the-center-of-the-12 arrow! This is Tanja’s ninth straight podium finish!

In senior men’s known pro, two GAS shooters were able to make the class’s first-ever shootdown! Those shooters were James Butts and Tony Fleshman both of whom shot 28-up! Both James and Tony went after some bonus rings coming up short of them to land James in fourth and Tony in fifth place in the shootdown.

We would also like to congratulate Erin McGladdery for making the women’s open-pro shootdown with a score of -10! She came into the shootdown sitting in 2nd place, gunned for some of the 12s and a 14, but just came short for some 8s to put her out of the final arrow. Erin finished up the weekend in 5th place.

Congratulations to all GAS Bowstrings shooters who made a podium finish at the Foley ASA! We are excited to see more and more shooters make the podiums with GAS Bowstrings and look forward to what the next ASA has in store!

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