Team GAS Finishes Out Strong in Yankton

CLAY CITY, KY- This past weekend was the NFAA First Dakota Classic and the NFAA Outdoor Target Nationals. GAS Shooters saw great success at both events and two GAS Shooters made the NFAA Shooter of the Year title.

During the First Dakota Classic, several GAS shooters made the podiums. In the men’s championship compound open division, Kyle took the win shooting a 600 47 xs. Out of his four eliminations round scores, three of them were 150 scores and the other was a 149 score! In his gold medal match, Kyle tied 150-150 with GAS Shooter Jacob Pettit which came down to a one-arrow shootoff. Kyle shot an x while Jacob shot a 9, to place Kyle in first and Jacob in second place. Kyle didn’t stop there as he clenched gold at NFAA Outdoor Target Nationals! Not only that, but Kyle also secured NFAA Shooter of the Year this past weekend as well.

Also in the men’s compound division, Mathias Fullerton took to the stage, tying Kyle’s score in qualifications with an impressive 600 with 47 xs at the Dakota Classic. At Outdoor Nationals, he was able to take second place after the elimination matches!

In the women’s championship compound open division, Paige Pearce took this weekend by storm, earning second place at the Dakota Classic and first place at Outdoor Target Nationals. First place at the Dakota Classic came to a one-arrow shootoff where her competitor shot a higher value, placing Paige in second. Paige was also able to end the weekend with the distinction of NFAA Shooter of the Year!

Also in the women’s compound division, Sharon Wallace took third place at the First Dakota Classic! This was her first time shooting at the event and she was able to take a strong bronze medal finish after eliminations!

Finally, in the men’s championship senior division, Lynn Hoch finished out the weekend with two podium finishes! He shot a consistent 146 scoring round for each of his elimination matches at the Dakota Classic placing him in second overall. Then at Outdoor Target Nationals, Lynn secured a third-place finish!

Congratulations to all of these archers for working so hard at this sport and for continuing to compete with GAS Bowstrings! We enjoy seeing your success week after week and only hope for your victories to continue into next year!


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