World Cup in Antalya Sees Stellar GAS Bowstrings Performances

CLAY CITY, KY- The World Cup held in Antalya this past weekend showcased top-tier talent and thrilling competitions. Mike Schloesser, continuing his reign in the men’s compound class, secured a first-place finish with a gripping 149-148 victory in the final match. Schloesser’s performance reaffirms his dominance and solidifies his position as the Number 1 archer in the world.

Adding to the excitement in the men’s compound category, Mathias Fullerton delivered a flawless performance with a perfect round score of 150, earning him a well-deserved third place. Fullerton’s exceptional skill and precision were on full display, underscoring the high level of competition present at the event.

In the team events, the French men’s compound team clinched third place, bolstered by the strong performances of teammates J.P. Boulch and Nico Girard. Their teamwork and consistent shooting secured them a spot on the podium, adding to France’s accolades in archery.

The women’s compound team from India also made a notable impact, achieving third place with impressive performances from GAS Shooters Jyothi Vennam, Parneet Kaur, and Aditi Swami. Their dedication and precision shooting earned them a commendable finish and highlighted their status as formidable competitors on the world stage.

Both the World Cup in Antalya and the successes of GAS Bowstrings’ shooters underscore the vibrancy and competitiveness of the sport on a global scale. GAS Bowstrings continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence through the outstanding performances of its athletes. Events like these highlight the skill, dedication, and passion that define the sport, promising an exciting future for not only archers, but the industry as a whole.

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