With the crazy amount of string builders out there making strings and posting pretty Instagram pictures of their string loops, it is easy to get caught up in believing that these “beauty pageant” loops are an overall indicator of quality. But does appearance equal performance…? It is great to marvel at what seems to be perfection, but just how will they perform, when it counts?

At GAS Bowstrings, we always take a performance first approach and as such, we have a unique serving locking process for closing loops and creating the foundation for our end servings. This process, we call the quad-lock, provides four different locking elements and is an integral part of our TTS (Total Tensioning System) process. Although this process may not create the prettiest loop transitions, it does do several things that greatly enhances the stability and overall performance of your string. Through this unique construction process, the quad-lock tightens the end loop serving as we close the loop end. This reinforces the entire transition area making an incredibly stiff, rock-solid loop, that can withstand even the most brutal of cam posts. The quad-lock also locks the beginning of the end serving to guarantee no separation from the loop end, without an overly bulky transition that can mess with cam tracks where the string or cable comes off the post. The downside to this process is it makes creating the “perfect looking” loop transition basically impossible to achieve, but we will never sacrifice appearance over performance!

World champion archers and accomplished bowhunters choose GAS Bowstrings because they are Built for Performance. These professionals understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and stability in their bowstrings and refuse to settle for anything less. We know our loops aren’t ever going to win any “prettiest string loop” awards, but we aren’t even entering into that pageant. Our quad-lock process insures something much more important….. PERFORMANCE!!


Stanton, KY, January 27, 2020 – The world’s top archers gathered at Spooky Nook Sports for the 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic.  After qualifying and elimination rounds, the top remaining archers competed in the exciting shoot-up round on one of archery’s biggest stages, to determine the final champions.  When the dust settled, GAS Bowstrings pro staffers Mike Schloesser, Keith Trail and Brady Ellison found themselves on top of the podium.

Mike Schloesser shot phenomenally throughout the entire elimination round to earn the number one seed in the shoot-up.  Mike continued his stellar performance, taking home the top honors in the Men’s Pro division.

Keith Trail continued his dominance in the Senior Pro division, with a solid performance from start to finish to win gold.

In the Olympic recurve division, world number one ranked, Brady Ellison also qualified with the top score and maintained his excellence throughout the head to head matches to earn the top spot on the podium.

“The LAS Classic was a great success for our GAS Bowstrings Team!” said GAS Bowstrings president, Eric Griggs.  “The LAS crew always puts on a first-class event for the shooters and it was very exciting to watch so many archers rocking the competition with GAS strings”.

GAS Bowstrings is a family owned and operated company, located in Stanton, Kentucky. The GAS team is comprised of experienced string builders and professionals, committed to delivering the absolute best bowstrings made, while providing industry leading service for our customers.

For more information on GAS Bowstrings, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or online at www.gasbowstrings.com

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GAS Bowstrings is proud to announce our official partnership with Brady & Toja Ellison! Brady is the most decorated archer in our sport and the current number one ranked recurve archer in the world. Toja is also one of the top ranked female compound archers in the world and a current world record holder.

“We are super excited to have Brady and Toja join our team” said GAS Bowstrings president, Eric Griggs. It’s simply an honor to have a couple with such decorated resumes, choose GAS as their bowstring partner”.

Welcome to the team Brady & Toja!

GAS Bowstrings is proud to announce our partnership with multiple world champion and world record holder, Mike Schloesser!

“Mike’s one of the best archers our sport has ever seen and adding him to our already amazing team is a real testament to the quality and performance of our products” said GAS president Eric Griggs. “We have the best shooters in the world choosing GAS. These guys and gals could choose any brand they want, so we are humbled that they choose to partner with us.”

Mike Schloesser had this to say about GAS. “After hearing a lot of good things about them, I had to try them and I instantly fell in love. You just put them on and enjoy the strings from that moment.”

Welcome to the team Mike! We look forward to your continued success!